Virtual Speakers from our Sep 27th Expo

1:50-2:10 PM

Laurie Oesterle is a postpartum doula, a newborn care specialist, a certified pediatric sleep
consultant, and a certified lactation counselor. She has been working in this industry for the
past 20 years, and over these years has developed a little obsession, or rather- passion, for
Baby GEAR! She acts not only as the co-owner, but as The Baby Mavens registry concierge,
and baby gear guru!
Going to the stores, or these days: online to build your baby registry can be overwhelming!
There are a zillion choices out there, how can you possibly know which is the right choice for
you and your family?? We know that your friends and family will give you ALL of the advice,
and LOTS of recommendations. But works for their family, and their baby, isn’t necessarily
always the right choice for yours. During her talk at Bump to Baby, Laurie will cover how to
make building your registry FUN. Where to start, how to choose the things that fit your family,
and a few tips about things to avoid and what NOT to waste your money on! You know the
must haves: crib, car seat, stroller, etc. Come to Laurie’s talk and learn all about the secret
things that will make your life easier as you enter parenthood!


2:40-3:00 PM

Join Kerry from CBR (cord blood registry) for a 20 minute information session to learn about the benefits of preserving your baby's newborn stem cells; including the 80 diseases treatable with cord blood and cord tissue, advancements in areas such as autism, and questions on COVID-19 during pregnancy". Special EVENT ONLY pricing will be offered!

1:00-1:20 PM 

Jensine owner of Baby O and I.

"Jensine is a certified sleep consultant through the sleep sense program, as well as a former Developmental Specialist. During her expert talk she will be discussing getting back into sleep routines with school starting. With the world turned upside down in March, it's possible your sleep situations changed and your looking to hop back into a routine. Join her to hear why it's important to be on a consistent sleep schedule, what a sample sleep schedule should be for your child's age and how it will help your family going forward."

12:10-12:30 PM

 Erin owner of Gentle Giraffes. Erin will be discussing the difference between a postpartum doula and Newborn care specialist.

"As a Master Newborn Care Specialist, I have completed the three-year Mentorship Program with Newborn Care Solutions, a highly selective and intense training program which specializes in newborn care education. I come with substantial and unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education, and support, my role to help nurture newborns toward optimal growth and development while providing guidance and education for parents, and on occasion, the extended family as well. I do this through consultations in addition to daytime hours, overnights, and travel with babies and their families." 

3:05-3:25 PM 

Join Phoebe Story from The Legacy Financial Group while she discusses the importance of having a strong financial foundation for your little one.

When it comes to financial goals, each decision made, and action taken will have a significant impact on future financial circumstances. A good financial blueprint will lay out what needs to be done to achieve goals for tomorrow. A clear understanding of interrelationships is invaluable to confront economic issues that evolve over time.

Our years of experience tell us that there is no single blueprint that will work for everyone. Ultimately, success of a client's plan depends on how accurately it reflects an individual's wishes, and the commitment to providing for identified financial needs and goals. By taking a comprehensive assessment of a client's current situation, we help my clients prioritize goals, and develop a workable strategy with clear action steps and timetables. Through this approach we can work together to strengthen current strategies as well as implement new ones.”

2:15-2:35 Pm 

Join Denaro Chiropractic while she discusses pelvic balance and pain relief through pregnancy and when to bring your child to a chiropractor.

3:30-3:50 PM

Join Karen Chipman owner of Stork Ready to answer questions about birth plans. Why they are important and how they can fail? The importance of educating yourself about the birthing process so that you can become an active participant in your experience. Empowerment is so very important.

12:35-12:55 PM

Although we know that breastfeeding is best for your baby, we also know that not everyone chooses to do so for many reasons. Join Karin from Enfamil while she discusses the many options that they have to offer. 

1:25-1:45 PM

There are many factors to consider when picking out a breast pump.  We will demystify some common terms like “hospital grade” and “flange size” as well as go over some of the top concerns for how a breast pump fits into your life.  We will also introduce you to a few pumps to highlight important features based on your needs.  Rachael Mayer has worked to help fit moms with the right pump for 10 years and Amanda Fee has worked alongside breastfeeding moms for the last 3 years and has recently completed the coursework to become a Lactation Counselor.