Exhibitor Information

 Bump to Baby Exhibitor Information 

Speaker: $100.00

*Your company will have a 20 minute live spot during our Expo

*Your company link on Website

*Shout outs on our social media pages

*items for swag bag, supplied by you 

Video: $75.00

*Your company will have a 10 minute slot for your video.

*Your company link on website 

*Shout outs on social media pages  

*items for swag bag supplied by you


Advertisements: $50.00

Unable to attend but want to advertise during the expo.  Ad must be received by January 1st,2021

If you advertise with us you can add your items into our swag bags for free.

Swag bag: $50.00

 Want to add to our swag bags. Items must be received no later than January 1st,2021


Interested in becoming involved in the expo?

 We want to hear from you.

Please let us know which vendor level you are interested in.

If you wish to be a speaker or share a video, please let us know what topic you will be discussing.

Please supply your website as well.

Thank you!

Email us @bumptobabyexpo@gmail.com