Here’s Things New Moms Can Do to Support Their Mental Health Postpartum:

February 16, 2020

Jessica Foley, MA, LMHC

 I’m Jessica, and I’m a therapist for women with a private practice in Waltham, and online in MA, CA, and AZ.  My practice exclusively sees women, many of whom are managing feelings of depression and/or anxiety either while pregnant, or after giving birth.  I also see women who are trying to get a handle on work/life blend, and general life transitions (like switching careers, or getting married). 

For women who are pregnant for the first time, this can be an exciting but scary time, and therapy can help with planning for this change.  

Here’s Things New Moms Can Do to Support Their Mental Health Postpartum:  

As you take care of a new life, don’t forget yourself! Here are some great starting points to tackle postpartum mental health challenges in the bud:

  • Get educated: Be educated before birth about what to look for in terms of postpartum mood disorders.  Educate your partner/primary support systems as well.

  • Get screened: Be routinely screened for postpartum mood disorders after giving birth. This is becoming more and more regulated, but insist on being screened if it's not happening.  Ask what your score is if providers don't discuss it with you.

  • Get social: Attend a new mom's group, even if you think you'll hate it.  

  • Get planning: Start 4th trimester planning early. Figure out who can help you -- and get specific. Who can watch the baby while you sleep or shop? Who can clean your home when you’re exhausted? Who can drop off food when your little one is too sick for you to step out?

  • Get prepared: You may have not needed any help to run your household prior to the baby, but simple tasks like folding laundry can take extra time when caring for an infant.  Asking for help can be difficult for us, it helps to have identified people at the ready before they are needed.  


If you find that you are feeling depressed or anxious for more than two weeks after giving birth, don’t wait to reach out.  If you’re pregnant now & you’d like some support with creating a postpartum wellness plan, I can help!