Three Things to do Before Baby Comes

January 17, 2020

BY Well Rested Baby

 Three Things to do Before Baby Comes

…so that you can get some sleep after baby comes.
I recommend A LOT of things like to expecting parents like take a nap in the middle of
the day or leave the house spontaneously just because, these are the three things I
recommend expecting parents tackle to help build healthy sleep habits from day one.
As you may know official sleep training cannot begin a little one reaches 16 weeks (or
16 weeks adjusted for any preemies out there, like my four sweet babes!) It is only then
their bodies develop the driving forces behind regulated, predictable sleep. However,
there are things you can do even before your little one arrives to help promote sleep
from the start.

Prep Baby’s Sleep Space
The AAP recommends that you room-share with your baby for the first year, or at least
the first six months, of your little one’s life. So, while they may not be moving into their
adorable nursery that you spent hours on Pinterest designing, you can still get YOUR
room ready for sleep!
* Your room should be dark for both day and nighttime sleep! Hang blackout blinds
and/or curtains for maximum affect.
* Overheating is not only dangerous for young infants, but it can also lead to poor
sleep. We always recommend keeping sleep spaces cool, between 64-68.
* Invest in a white noise machine to help filter household noise and promote
healthy sleep!

Discuss sleep with your partner
Fatigue doesn’t tend to bring out the best in people. So, it’s important to have these
conversations now, while you’re both levelheaded and well rested.
* Where do they stand when it comes to prioritizing sleep?
It’s super important to be on the same page so one of you isn’t making plans the
other doesn’t intend to uphold!
 *When it does come to sleep training, what methods do two agree on?
If you’re not willing to let your baby cry, but your partner is about giving them the
space to let the tears fall – it’s best to know what side of the line you stand on
now. Of course, when it comes to officially sleep training, you do have to wait
until your little one is at least 16 weeks of age so you have some time to land on
an official method and you may even change your mind three times between now
and when that 16-week mark rolls around, but conversations that may raise
some conflict are best to have when you’re well rested!
* Start to outline a bedtime routine!
Consistency is everything when it comes to sleep and that includes sleep time
routines. While things will flex and grow as you fall into a rhythm as a family –
you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is on the same page! The question you’ll want to answer is, “what are both of you willing and able to do

each and every night?”

 *What do your overnights look like?
There are many, many night wakings to go around and everyone should get a
chance to snuggle your sweet babe overnight! What your nights look like
depends on your preferences, but we typically recommend takings “shifts” so that
each parent is guaranteed at least some consolidated sleep.

Get familiar with your little one’s sleep needs!
When you understand the development of your baby’s sleep and their ever-changing
sleep needs, you can get start laying the ground work for healthy sleep almost from the
start! I would recommend reading a book or two, but I know that is a tall order with so
little time! You’ve got naps to take, spontaneous adventures to go on, and plenty to talk
That is why at Well Rested Baby we offer a New and Expecting Parent Infant Sleep
Workshop. It is all the information that I used to build healthy sleep habits from day one
with all four of my kids – two sets of twins!
We provide expecting and new parents with everything they need to know about their
child’s sleep from birth to four months, leaving them feeling confident to navigate their
evolving schedules and sleep needs.

This post was written by Ashley Chanter Rizzo, the Director of Well Rested Baby and a
certified sleep consultant. Well Rested Baby has been helping families, like yours, get
the sleep they need for nearly 9 years! With a 360-approach, Well Rested Baby ensures
that each family they work with is set up for sleep success with personalized sleep plans
and a variety of sleep training methods. To learn more visit to
schedule a 15-minute call with a certified pediatric sleep consultant!