C-town Childrens Classes

November 22, 2019

 C-Town Children's classes

 A year and a half ago two best friends gave birth two weeks apart to the sweetest, craziest, lovable, destructible little boys in the world. Meet Melissa & Janine. Their friendship started 10 years ago when they were introduced by a mom that Melissa nannied for. Janine owned an indoor play space in North Andover at the time and instantly hired Melissa as one of her pre-school teachers. The two spent their adult lives surrounded by kids and knew that one day they would have kids of their own and hoped it would be around the same time! They never would have guessed that fate would work out so perfectly.  The two boys were destined to be besties just like their moms. As Jameson and Brayden started to grow so did their need for exploring and social interaction. The girls became desperate to find activities to take their son's too but couldn't find anything in their age group they were interested in. Janine successfully runs C-Town Studio in Charlestown, MA - a family community and event space where the love of learning coupled with support for new moms and caregivers builds long-lasting friendships within the community. C-Town Studio offers child enrichment classes focusing on art and dance for little ones but Charlestown was too far for the girls to travel to for a 40 minute kid’s class. The light bulb went off. They knew they had to bring the successful classes to more local communities. Poof! My Town Classes was created. The girls wanted to provide a brief moment where moms and caregivers could take time out of their crazy busy days and just spend time with their little one surrounded by other caregivers who desperately wanted and needed the same thing.